The Rundown


Haunting, gritty films are produced by an inclusive community of dedicated and dark humored artists. Broken Noir Films provides opportunities for filmmakers to flourish in a collaborative setting.


Heather Horner has been designing costumes, sets and light for the theater community across the country since 1996 and film since 2012.  Heather is a driving force in her community for collaborating and producing films with a higher standard of  production design.  

Tate S. McCullough is an actor, producer, director and writer for both theater and film.  Tate is a positive, motivational and collaborative influence on the artists and artists-to-be in our community for over 17 years. 

Talent, Courage and Vision

Features in the works: 

Currently developing two features in-house. 


Developing 3 short films with local female filmmakers for the 2018 calendar year.

June 2018:  Willa

July 2018: The Collector

September 2018:  TBD

Educational opportunities and  job shadowing will be posted soon!


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