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Accepting Scripts

Broken Noir Films is dedicated to its chosen projects.




Follow through.

Festivals and Distribution

Broken Noir Films will submit projects to appropriate film festivals as well as distribution companies. 

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Film Production

Discovering talent at all levels of production and providing educational and professional opportunities for filmmakers in a positive, safe environment.

We are making gritty, intelligent, and darkly absurd movies because it is awesome and it is what we want to do.


Production Design

Broken Noir Fims focuses on the value of production design as an equal element in the storytelling process.

Be prepared to invest in cohesive storytelling through costuming, set, lighting, camera work and color.

Submit a Screenplay

Screenplays considered have:

  • A collaborative screenwriter--expect to be contacted and consulted if your script is optioned. 
  • Screenwriter's name and contact information (email, phone number)
  • Formatted per Industry Standard
  • A strong plot  and positive choice character direction

Demo Reels and Resumes

Please submit a resume and references with your demo reel to info@brokennoirfilms.com.  We will be contacting people regarding your ability to collaborate effectively at all levels.

Production Design

Please submit your demo reel for production design elements.  Be specific as to your role in the creative process.  


Serious and comedic theater and film audition pieces accepted if demo reel is less than 4 clips.  

Note:  While we respect actors and their talent, pornographic demo reels will not be considered.  

Not kidding, folks.  

Show us what your brains can do.



Please submit your demo reel.  Directing and Production Design collaboration must be evidenced.

The Big News

Currently in pre-production for a short film with 3 local production companies.  Our cast and crew is experiencing diversity in gender, race and orientation in a positive and collaborative environment.  We are so proud to be part of a wonderful , ambitious community!

Fun FAQs

You have questions.  We have questions. 

You feeling like a disturbing noir film is up your alley? Drop us an email at: info@brokennoirfilms.com